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Living LA: Hollywood Costume Exhibition

Having recently moved [back] to Los Angeles, I've been trying to take advantage of the awesomeness that this city has to offer. As a way to share my adventures and encourage myself to do more things, I'm starting a new segment called Living LA. In each post, I will talk about an event or place in LA that you really should check out. It'll cover all sorts of things from great restaurants to museums and even maybe a few pop-up niche events I care about. If it's your cup of tea, awesome; if not, well fuck it. Let's explore LA together.


As a creative writer and avid film buff, I'm mildly obsessed with the entertainment business. There are few things more enticing than a movie that can grab my attention and hold my emotions at its whim. A good movie invokes an air of imagination so strong that you can be invested in the characters of the story even after the last credits have rolled across the screen. To accomplish this task, a production company needs a team of experts in their craft; from the director and writers all the way to the individual actors and film editors. Yet, there is one key piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked by many viewers when they find a movie they love. While this piece gets as much screen time as all the actors combined, it still ends up largely undervalued in the success of the film as a whole.

Costume design for movies reaches back to the very beginning of cinema. Before special effects, or CGI, and even before sound was introduced, the look and costumes of the actors on screen were being meticulously planned and designed to help immerse the audience into the imaginative worlds told by Hollywood's legendary storytellers. Luckily for us, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the guys who bring you the Oscars!) have teamed up with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to open the doors to the intriguing world of costume design.


I don't usually like simple GIFs that loop indefinetly, but there is something about the beauty of nature that have been captured in these cinemagrpah GIFs below. I collected them throughout the internet roughly 6 months ago and they have been sitting in a folder on my desktop since then.

Hopefully by sharing them on here, I can help preserve their wonder. Some of these images are truly hypnotizing.



My Stay In An Ex-Pornstar's Guesthouse

My wife and I are currently in the process of moving down to southern California for her work. As is expected with a big change like that, we have been dealing with the normal transitional issues as they arise. One obstacle was our living arrangements. When moving (especially across the state), your new housing availability may not always match up with your current. For us, it wasn't so much an overlap as a gap. We had gone down early in August and found our new home easily enough. Unfortunately, it was still under renovation and wouldn't be free until mid-September. That created a slight problem for us considering my wife started her new job the first week of that month, leaving us with nearly two weeks of homelessness down in LA.

When looking at the cost of a hotel for two weeks, my eyes had rolled back into my head and I had nearly fainted from the cost. At roughly $130 to $200+ a night, we were looking at spending a few grand for half a month of residency - that's not even including the separate $35 a night parking fee every hotel in the LA area seems to enjoy charging. Cue Airbnb to the rescue.