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Reviving the Blog of the Undead

Or better titled as, "Trying to prove this blog isn't buried and forgotten".

I've been MIA for a little over a year now, slaving away on other parts of my life. From my personal writing projects (novellas, short stories, and novels) to trying to figure out what I want to do in my career, I've been far too busy to post regularly on here. But that's kind of the point though, right? This site acts as a sounding board for my random thoughts and interests. In the past, this blog has acted as a home for my thoughts on technology trends and as the vehicle for my experiment into curated news content. I've included posts about life's musings and even dove into brief attempts at drawing comics, which I hope didn't fail too miserably. In the future, who knows what I might put down here...

For now though, I want to share a few of pieces of my work that I still find interesting and somewhat inspired in that weird, "what's wrong with that guy" sort of way.


Another Perspective - I've been watching COSMOS on Netflix recently and it reminded me of this piece. We are so small in the grand scheme of things and sometimes it takes an outside perspective to really make you think about stuff differently. If you haven't seen it yet, catch COSMOS on Netflix Instant now. It's an amazing show.

Clouds - A brief dive into the land of the philosophical. I had these thoughts one day while I was driving to work. A large storm cloud loomed ahead and I remember feeling a sense of worry about the pending storm and how powerless we were to stop its approach. Something clicked and the end result was this mess of thoughts on life.

Your bucket list - A simple graphic I made a while ago and one of the very reasons that I've posted on here again after such a long time. I'm currently going through heavy review of my goals in life and this post still hit strongly right at the heart of it all. Never give up on your dreams even when it may seem that daily life gets in the way of accomplishing them. At some point, you just have to stop trying to fight it and go full-in on whatever you're passionate about. No matter the cost.


Google, our tech Overlords - I'm a Google fan and I'm sure that some of my writing really reflects that Google bro-love. This article in particular discusses Google's possible steps forward in becoming the next major telecommunications powerhouse. While it is an older post, I feel it still resonates strongly with the potential direction that Google could be heading in the future. They have branched out so widely in the last year that this could be just one small part of a much bigger plan.

5 Reasons to love NFC - I still wholeheartedly believe that NFC is one of those technologies that wasn't fully been given a chance by the mainstream. I blame that largely on two people: Apple and Developers. Apple's refusal to include the NFC technology on their iPhones really hindered the widespread use of it and as a result, no one really dove too heavily into developing new functions for the technology. I've got a laundry list buried somewhere of 10 amazing uses for NFC. Sadly, they will likely never happen since I lack the skills or patience to make them into a reality. I will have to see if I can find it again one day and post it on here. I guess this is a good lesson for me. If anything, it's hard evidence that I'm not right 100% of the time. I think my wife might enjoy my acknowledging that.

Random Fun

Bacon Chicken Narwhal - For some reason, this post is the most popular one I've ever done, still receiving a hundred plus views a day. It was so popular that it was actually featured by McDonalds during a brief social media marketing campaign last year for great inventions with bacon. I won #3 of in the top five countdown. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm proud of my little baby BCN breaking into the big world of showbiz. Bookings for guest appearances can be made through my twitter feed. It's even more delicious in person!

Obama is an alien! - Back in the heyday of Obama's initial election as POTUS came a slew of ridiculous claims against the legitimacy of the election and his candidacy. One of the most ridiculous was the fact that the prez wasn't even a citizen of the United States. Playing off of the hype, I dug up "evidence" showing that not only was he was not a citizen of the US, but he hadn't even been born on Earth! I wish I could tell you that this was passed around only as obvious satire to the whole debate, but I can't. I actually got a few emails in support of my findings with plenty of Obama bashing.

Pacman's Secret - I have no clue what I was thinking here. Don't ask. Just enjoy.

FaceTime by Apple - Back when FaceTime was first introduced in the iPhone 4, I envisioned a future where the idea of regular face-to-face communication via phone led to some unexpected problems. Guess it hasn't turned out to be as much of a problem as I had initially thought.

Hope you enjoy this brief flashback. In addition to these musings, I've been rereading some of my old articles on about technology trends from 2013. Ah, what interesting times. I really can't believe I've spent the last year working behind the scenes on my fiction writing. I can only hope that time has been well spent and I've grown in my abilities.

To the future now! Wherever that may be...

End of the Daily Wrap

The Daily Wrap was my experiment to improve my news writing and to demonstrate the abilities of my news aggregation website Unfortunately, like most experiments, it had to end eventually and I have moved onward to other pressing projects, including finding new ways to improve and advance While I am no longer writing it, I am still a very big fan of curated news and would love to see the further development of this segment of online journalism and media.

I am often amazed at the number of people I talk to who don't bother to keep up with the news of the day. And with almost every one, their primary reason is usually that they don't have enough time to do it. With so many different news topics and so many different news sources, it is sometimes hard to make enough time in the day to keep up with everything that has happened, yet alone truly digest the meaning and impact of it all. That is why curated news providers can be extremely helpful in keeping those with busy schedules truly informed.

I hope those who utilized my curated news will find other sources that you can enjoy. Some bits of data I collected through the last couple of months may be found rather interesting though.

- During the periods of February to April, I saw an increase in readership from China and Russia.

- Viewership for news related articles increased at a faster rate an average of three days after the date of posting. Most of those views were from Google searches asking what happened on that date.

- From my available information, it seems that people clicked through on only around 11% of all links posted.

Monday News - 4/15/13

To read more on the Boston Marathon bombing, check out my article on the

Today was not a good day.

Two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon killing at least 3 and injuring over 144. Authorities have no idea of the motive or individual(s) behind the attack. President Obama spoke out against the attack while users all over the internet spread photos, videos, and more of the unfolding news.

In Iraq, bombs killed more than 30 people across the country as citizens prepared for upcoming elections. Over 15 Sunni minority electoral candidates have been assassinated in the last few weeks as concerns rise over the political stability of the recently occupied country.

North Korea celebrated a country-wide holiday, marking the 101st birthday of the deceased dictator of the communist country. The regime also took time to issue a new ultimatum to South Korea in the on-going nuclear stand-off in the Asia-Pacific.

Syria's opposition suffered a major setback as Assad's government forces broke through a six-month blockage in the norther region of the country. The news comes as the U.S. State Department announced plans to host a Google+ Hangout to discuss U.S. foreign policy.

Venezuela elected a new president, much to the protest and calls for a ballot recount from opposition leader Henrique Capriles.

Gold prices plummeted today as speculators sold off holdings over concerns of a possible sell-off of excess gold reserves by Cyprus.

Dish Network offered a $25.5 billion bid to buy Sprint Nextel in an effort to undermine any possible attempts at competitive buyout offers.

Pinterest makes its way to Barnes & Noble's Nook.

Rumors spread about Apple's interest in taking on debt to offer a large dividend payout to investors as Chinese iPhone manufacturer Foxconn starts hiring in preparation for the iPhone 5s.

The U.S. Supreme Court reviewed the issue of companies placing patents on human genome sequences while refusing to hear a case from New York on gun control laws.