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Craigslist Copywriting

In an attempt to booster my self-esteem and tell myself I can still sell things with my writing (also because I'm moving and looking to offload the junk I own), I've taken to posting items for sale on craigslist. Below is the latest post I've done up in an attempt to sell an entertainment center my wife no longer wishes for us to own. It really is a good unit. My agreement for getting rid of it is purely out of the want to upgrade my tv finally. 65 inch HDTV here I come!

My Stay In An Ex-Pornstar's Guesthouse

My wife and I are currently in the process of moving down to southern California for her work. As is expected with a big change like that, we have been dealing with the normal transitional issues as they arise. One obstacle was our living arrangements. When moving (especially across the state), your new housing availability may not always match up with your current. For us, it wasn't so much an overlap as a gap. We had gone down early in August and found our new home easily enough. Unfortunately, it was still under renovation and wouldn't be free until mid-September. That created a slight problem for us considering my wife started her new job the first week of that month, leaving us with nearly two weeks of homelessness down in LA.

When looking at the cost of a hotel for two weeks, my eyes had rolled back into my head and I had nearly fainted from the cost. At roughly $130 to $200+ a night, we were looking at spending a few grand for half a month of residency - that's not even including the separate $35 a night parking fee every hotel in the LA area seems to enjoy charging. Cue Airbnb to the rescue.

Reviving the Blog of the Undead

Or better titled as, "Trying to prove this blog isn't buried and forgotten".

I've been MIA for a little over a year now, slaving away on other parts of my life. From my personal writing projects (novellas, short stories, and novels) to trying to figure out what I want to do in my career, I've been far too busy to post regularly on here. But that's kind of the point though, right? This site acts as a sounding board for my random thoughts and interests. In the past, this blog has acted as a home for my thoughts on technology trends and as the vehicle for my experiment into curated news content. I've included posts about life's musings and even dove into brief attempts at drawing comics, which I hope didn't fail too miserably. In the future, who knows what I might put down here...

For now though, I want to share a few of pieces of my work that I still find interesting and somewhat inspired in that weird, "what's wrong with that guy" sort of way.