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The Pullout Method

Wow, how fucking sad. A friday night with nothing to do. Oh well, it is only 8ish 9ish so the night is only starting up and I am sure I will be gone by the hour. Anyways, I am sure that none of you (Is there even any of you here?) expected me back here again. I kind of doubted I would even be back, but sure enough here I am. Out of sure complete boredom of course, but still back all the same. Anyways, back on topic.

Pulling out. All men know about it, and a lot of men do it eventually at some point. (Drunken nights can be a bitch). Well, everyone except for President Bush. This guy doesn't even know when he has finished, yet alone when to pullout.

It has been five years since the start of the war and as usual, we still have no clue when the end will come. Not suprisingly, Mr. President is still pushing for more action in Iraq, and like a pissy little child he is getting moody again when he isn't getting his way. However, it seems like some political influence may be keeping the shiny lollipop away from the spoiled child after all.

For all those not smart enough to figure it out: Bush Spills his load

That is, unless the president ends up vetoing the bill of course. Which you know he will do faster then a celebrity going through rehab.

I am just glad that the House is beginning to take action against a seemingly troubled administration. It has been a long while, and although I supported the war at the beginning, it's continual advancement toward a never-ending story of death and destructuring has led to many changes in not just my opinion about the war but about the entire Bush administration as a whole. Hopefully this small step toward trying to limit Bush's presidential power with the war will help lead to more action being taken to bring some troops home.

I just can't believe that I am a Republican, although I must say my views on a lot of political issues are somewhat leaning toward the left. Oh well, you get what you vote for right?

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