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What about the Colorblind?

With Hollywood, sports teams, and practically the entire United States going "Green" its hard to believe that we ever survived so long in this world without knowing about how dangerous we all are to ourselves - actually its hard to believe we have survived at all.

Now I am not against being "Green" in anyway. Have at it. Unplug appliances, turn off your computer and television. Maybe drive one of those fancy Hybrid Cars. If every bit helps and every person makes a difference, the more the merrier, right? But one thing that I seem to have a problem with understanding is the sudden rush of participation in a topic that in truth has been around for years. Are we more aware? Or is it just hip now to be "Green"?

In all honesty, it amazes me how much can be done now a days to be "Green". Hell, you can even buy t-shirts to be "Green" (how much of the profit from these shirts actually goes to making the world more "Green" I can't say). Still, even with all of these unique methods to keep the planet spinning, I can't help but feel we are focusing on only part of the solution. Unfortunately, not everyone is so caring about the world and while these current methods of saving the planet are helpful, a lot of them are nothing new. Anyone else remember a certain energy crisis a few years back? It seems the only real major difference between being "Green" and "saving energy" is the number of times a dollar sign is used in each sentence.

Still, why the sudden interest? Surely all of my fellow Americans cannot be more interested in saving the world than saving a few cents! I know my good friend Donald Trump is probably as baffled as I am. While many will continue to be good to the globe in the hopes of becoming the next Captain Planet, what about the people who are colorblind? The ones like me, who probably care more about a few cents extra in their pocket (Hey! I'm a poor college student) then the survival of a planet some years after my probable death - unless of course smoking and drinking is somehow proven to be beneficial to one's health. Should we not focus on the economic and financial benefits and costs of it as well? Should we not try to look at this problem in a proper fashion and try to really educate ourselves on it?

Sure watching movies like "An Inconvienent Truth" and "Silent Hill" (Don't blame me, IMDB told me so) can help us understand the problem of Global Warming in some aspects, it really should not act as our only form of education on the matter. Being "Green" can mean many things but to many people in America, it probably remains more a confusing aspect of liberal environmentalism and Hollywood hipsterism than anything else. But hey, where the shepard goes, the sheep will follow. And sure enough, in a society so enthralled with the lifestyles of our own celebrities, we will continue to see people becoming "Green" while still missing the real meaning of it.

Of course I could be completely wrong, maybe we should all hop onto the overcrowded politically correct "hip" wagon and listen some more to our Oscar winning ex-vice president. Maybe move into some grass huts and grow something. I don't know.

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