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Where'd All the Sponsors Go?

If you are like me, in college and into gaming, then I wouldn't be surprised if you had at least heard about the roaming technology tour that occurs every year at colleges throughout the U.S. It's a little thing called TechKnowOverload and its an entertaining little sponsored tech tour that goes around to select colleges and shows off cool gear that will make any gamer's head spin and true tech-nerds try to turn their wallets inside out. Or so it used to be.

Today, after not hearing one single word about the event, not even a crumbled flyer on a public bathroom floor, I accidentally ended up in the mists of this very event. I wasn't meaning to head there, actually I was going to the Subway on campus for a quick lunch, but nonetheless I ran into it.

Needless to say, when I first say the big truck with the TechKnowOverload Logo on it I was excited. Images of the cool consoles, powerful PCs, and high def televisions filled my head and I soon found myself almost salivating with anticipation. To top it off, my greedy heart skipped a beat at the thought of all the tech prizes they would be giving away as well. I quickly rounded the bend to take in the tech filled sight....

"Wait. Where is everything?" I thought to myself as I gazed despondently at the few small booths that littered the small quad.

This place looked more like poorly constructed refugee camp than a tech filled entertainment tour. Other than a few curious onlookers at what I thought must be the rations tent, the place was barren and empty. As I approached, I saw bored presenters standing around the mainly empty tents. In fact, apart from two rarely used Wii test trucks (now those were interesting looking) I could hardly find another actual aspect of gaming anywhere. Sure, while the entire concept of the tour isn't just gaming related, you would expect to at least find more than one gaming station in an electronics tour. After exploring around a bit, I found a bunch of people standing around a speaker system as a guy in a polo shirt read off raffle number after raffle number in hopes of someone actually being there to claim their meager prizes. It was nothing like I remembered from the year before.

People shuffled around more interested in the crappy prizes than the products on show and that is when I began to wonder, "What the heck happened here?!" From spending the next ten minutes browsing around, the only thing I could come to a conclusion with was that something had to have happened with the sponsors. But what? After looking all around the internet, and asking a few presenters themselves, I have yet to find an answer to that question. So does anyone know, "Where'd all the Sponsors go?"

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