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Nachos Movies Pizza

About a month ago, I went to Pink's, a hot dog place here in Los Angelos that some people would say is the best place in the world (to others, not so much) and I noticed this sign taped on an electrical box on the side of Melrose Avenue and La Brea.

I apologize for the fuzzy picture. I'm still using a shitty Razr camera phone.

Click picture for slightly larger photo

For those who can't read the blurred mess of a photo:

Nachos Movies Pizza

I have some photos of some Beautiful White, Asian and Latina Ladies with Big Butts, I Love Nachos, and I Love Movies. I would like to meet some White, Asian, and Latina Ladies with Big Butts (Waist 45 on up) to give me money and be my Sex Slaves.

(323) 540 - 0962

Nachos Movies Pizza

For anyone still wondering what my gf and I got, check it. Ozzy Dog and Hollywood Dog with cheese. Was some good eats.

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