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A Digg Addict's Timeline [Part 2]

This is the continuation from Part 1 of "A Digg Addict's Timeline". Enjoy.

The Honeymoon

By now you are going strong. Digg is like your woman; a huge time commitment but she keeps putting out so you don't mind. Digg is probably one of the first few websites you visit when you get on your computer during the day and you are visiting it more frequently than a porn addict visits

You notice people becoming "fans" of yours so you add them to your Friend network. Then you start searching for people with like interests to add to your base (the Digg Upcoming Beta feature works great for this). This digg family begins to grow and you find yourself on occasion enjoying new content you didn't know existed until your "friend" pointed it out to you. Is it cheating if you only have friends with benefits? You don't care, your lady is open to new things like that.

In the coming months however, the overall content of the site begins to lag and you find yourself spending more and more time on digg, shifting through crap, trying to find good content to read. Like many relationships at this stage, things are beginning to stale and you start getting tired of seeing Digg perform the same moves over and over again in bed. Then it hits you. Why can't I submit my own stuff that I find? Spice it up a bit. I'm sure it can't be that hard.

Wrong. If the story you've submitted isn't already on, it will be in an hour or two. And by then it would already have more Diggs than yours. Even if your stuff is 100% original, it seems no matter how creative your content is, if you don't know the right people it ain't going to get through (hmm, that is the case in real life sometimes too). A slight ripple in your relationship with lady-Digg begins to develop and it is time for the harsh realization that things may not be as perfect as you thought.

Wasted Productivity Rating: 9 out of 10
- Puppy love only feels good until you get bitten -

A Dose of Reality
By now your relationship with Digg has become repetitive and predictable. You wake up every morning to find her still there with you, providing the same level of content to meet your needs and keep you coming back, but the excitement just isn't there anymore. You start calling out duplicate stories like that annoying person in the theater who always points out plot holes and incongruity. Hoping for a change that might kick the love back up again, you decide to tone down your visits just a little while you try to find more creative content of your own to push through Digg.

Satisfied yet frustrated with the little world you have built up on Digg (even if no one likes your stories), you suddenly notice the usefulness of another feature. The Shout button. You hope that this may be the magical zap that will revive your submissions so you start sending them out to everyone. Returning shouts and diggs for friend's who digg back. Asking, begging, pleading for people to share and digg your content, you fight for your content to be recognized by the mighty Digg.

Irritation builds though when you notice the large gap that exists for you and your content. You've got a decent following now, a few hundred friends, and around 30+ shouts from people a day, but you can't seem to get more than a healthy handful of people to digg your own stuff. Angrily, you watch as your once lover Digg welcomes some new guys so quickly and easily compared to how she did with you. You've always had that open relationship but you can't help but begin to wonder what the hell they have that you don't. Irritated and hurt, you quietly give the finger but continue to browse the site for stupid stories.

Wasted Productivity Rating: 7 out of 10
- Fuck if you are going to stick around waiting forever -

Giving Up
For you, is no longer just about reading interesting content, it is a struggle for recognition of the content that you have provided against that of others. A push to get your name out there and provide the enjoyment of new content to other users that you once enjoyed yourself on the site. How fun is that!?

At one point though, it hits you. Regardless of what you try, the chances of making the front page are not impossible statistically speaking but it is just not likely for it to happen to you. It hits you hard, noticing how little you like the site compared to when you first joined. Sure, you find great content on there but you've noticed huge changes in your browsing habits because of it. The number of serious news stories you read have fallen, replaced with more and more of the same offbeat and crazy tidbit news-porn written to attract the brainless masses of the internet. Now when you read something interesting on a website, you don't take the time to soak in the information anymore. Instead, you find yourself rushing to Digg to try to submit the story before anyone else. And you are just tired of it.

No more fighting to submit content or whoring your interest out in hopes of getting your stuff dugg in return. No more shouting multiple times a day to people or going through and digging every single story shouted back to you. Instead you let go and decide to enjoy your time on the way you should by only digging the content that interests you and commenting on the occasional issue from time to time. Accepting the inevitable, you welcome Digg's warm embrace back into your daily internet life and settle on a fair, albeit still geek, routine of usage.The only thing left to do is give up and try to enjoy it again.

Or you could just head over to Reddit and start the process all over again. ;)

Wasted Productivity Rating: 6 out of 10
- You've finally found a balance. Although your real life girlfriend (and your boss) wouldn't agree with you on that -

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