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Extreme Logic Fail: Jesusophile

I came across this video and couldn't help sitting slack jawed while listening to the mess that is the Jesusophile's video rant against Atheists. This guy's reasoning against Atheist arguments is laughable at best. You would think he were joking if it weren't for all the other stupid nonsense video rants he posts on his youtube channel using the same form of flawed logic.

My favorite part:
"There is evidence for him [God] existing; which is the world. Which is us. You know... the entire world; everything on it. And there is no evidence of him not existing. Because if he wouldn't exist, he wouldn't have been able to make anything and there would be nothing. So that is actually evidence against God not existing. If there was no god, he wouldn't have created anything and there would be nothing. But there is a lot of stuff so that is evidence for god."

Check out his youtube channel for some other great laughs: Jesusophile

To add: I can't help but link this video as well from him. Watch the Jesusophile demonstrate why homosexuality is not right with a banana, toilet paper role, and an aluminum can. Seems he gets himself in a little bit of a conundrum at the end when trying to explain how evolution applies to it all.


Anonymous said...

it's a parody and he's damn good at it.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA i love this guy.. hes the best troll the net has ever seen..

Christopher G said...

If he is a parody, then I applaud him for it because his videos are damn entertaining to watch. I wonder how many people actually support his reasoning.

Time to survey some fundamentalist Christians?