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Happy Monday (4/20)

For those who might partake in the fast rising mid-April "holiday", I wanted to wish you all a fun and safe 420. Enjoy the free time (If you've got it) and smoke a little for those who don't, can't, or simply refuse to.

Today actually marks a historic first for marijuana advocacy as well, with NORML launching the first nationwide pro-marijuana TV ad campaign calling for its legalization. Check out the details here: NORML Blog

Don't forget that you can sign up to join and support NORML for a special discounted price of $4.20, today only. You can find the deal here: 420 Money Bomb

While on the topic, in other related marijuana news, the Huffington Post has published an opinion article in recognition of the date. Read up on a very interesting piece by Norm Stramper (former Police Chief and member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) on a comparison of the dangers of alcohol vs. marijuana and the prohibition laws that exist today. You can find the article here: Clicky the linky

Some other handy marijuana (related) reads:

What if Marijuana Were Legal?

Ron Paul (and Obama) named Internet Politicians of the Year

For those not in the mood to read. Check out this hilarious musical video clip from last night's episode of Family Guy.


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