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Insignificant Earth

I tried submitting this to and it kicked it out from the original source. Some random error about the submission site breaching terms of service. I don't care if this is a page stretch. You have to view this in real size anyways so click through if you dare. Really puts our tiny planet into perspective against the universe.

Considering this, can someone explain to me why some people still believe extraterrestrial life cannot exist?

Original Source: Here

Of similar note: I also loved this youtube video of a reading of "The Pale Blue Dot" by the late Carl Sagan. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Cause God said so.


Christopher G said...

Haha. Yeah, we are so self-involved as the human race that it is impossible for some religious people to accept that maybe they weren't the ONLY species created "in God's image". Psh... crazy religion, eh?