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Stand By Me - Playing For Change

I want to take today to focus on a great website and set of documentaries that I encourage people to support. I remember hearing about this project a while ago but eventually it was lost in my endless sea of browser bookmarks. Now with the induction of a new website and a new CD/DVD hitting the streets today, its internet revival is showing strong signs of success.

This music video is a single song taken from; a website dedicated to the mission of "inspiring and improving communities in need through music".

This song, "Stand By Me", was performed by a variety of artists from around the world; all cut and pieced together to form the final song you see here. Not only is it an amazing song to listen to but it really is an inspiring video to watch as you see people from all walks of life come together (virtually speaking) to form the perfect world-wide "band".

Playing For Change | Song Around The World "Stand By Me" from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

Original site stream here: Stand By Me
Vimeo link can be found here: Vimeo - Stand By Me

While this piece, and the project itself, has been making the mainstream circuit for a while now, I can't help but fall back in and listen to their videos and enjoy the comfort and heart-felt unity that music can bring to a person.

Today marks an important date however as it is the day that the Playing For Change: Songs Around The World CD/DVD comes out for sale. You can find it online at Amazon Link or buy it directly from Buy Here ( offers previews for all tracks as well). You can also purchase the videos through itunes by following this link: Apple Owns Me

For those wondering about the documentary and who want to learn more about the cause, has a fantastic video section with other music videos from around the world and commentary on their progress so far. Check it out in their Episodes section: Click Me

If you want to read an interesting and brief article about the origins and development of the Playing For Change documentaries, check the link: Here

I highly recommend that anyone who enjoyed this go out and find some way to support the cause if you find it of worth. If you aren't one to buy music, then you can simply donate to the cause by following this link: Donate or sign up and join the cause: Sign Up

To end, let me link you to the introductory video from their website so you can learn more about their story and their cause.

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