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Stupid Government is Stupid

I have been following this issue most of today and couldn't resist putting it on here. Read the article here or through the source link. Either way, I'm sure you will get where I am going once you know the topic at hand.
Low-flying military planes in New York 'part of a photo op'

By Gary Fennelly
Monday, 27 April 2009

A plane, being tailed by two fighter jets in New York, is part of 'photo op', according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Aircraft were seen flying at low altitudes over the Statue of Liberty and parts of lower Manhattan

The planes flew low over the Hudson River, near the site of the terror attacks on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, and circled several times.

The event caused scores of frightened office workers, fearing a terrorist attack, to flee buildings in Lower Manhattan and Jersey City.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Jim Peters said that the Boeing 747 circling Lower Manhattan escorted by F-16s was part of 'photo op' being carried out by the Defense Department.

“They’ll do two or three spins...and will be done by 10:30,” Mr. Peters said.

"It is pre-planned, pre-coordinated with everyone involved. It's a military flight over New York to take photos."

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said it did not know about the event.

New York City has released an advisory that the flyover was "part of an approved federal activity."

North American Air Defense Command refused to answer questions and referred enquiries to the FAA.
Source: Telegraph World News

To take from SNL's Weekend Update Segment: Really? I mean, REALLY?!! Come on!

Who in their right mind approved this and then failed to inform ANYONE in the city about it? You'd think if you wanted to create a photo-op of a low flying jumbo jet being tailed by two U.S. jet fighters in New York City, of all places, you would let people in the city know. Release a statement before hand or tell the local authorities to inform residents or something.

View this short video clip taken from someone's phone. You see literally dozens of people take off running down the street out of fear that the plane was going to crash on them.

How incompetent must our government be to actually try to pull something like this off and not even consider the consequences of it. You are pretty much reenacting an event that shook this country to its core in the very city where it happened (mind you, NYC does not do well with planes it seems) and you don't even try to contact the proper people to get word out about this stunt. People were evacuating office buildings, likely fearing for their lives. Causing emotional distress and not to forget loss of work due to standing around on the street for probably a half an hour or so. All for a simple photo-op too.

Great way to encourage America to work hard and move on from our tragedies. At least the White House apologized after-the-fact for the stunt and stopped pointing fingers at one another. Even though they claimed to have no prior knowledge of the stunt.


I know everyone is upset about this little mistake but I really want to encourage that we attempt to find out who messed up on this. We've had enough screw ups from our government lately and perhaps it really is time to weed out the incompetence that seems to thrive in parts of our government. Starting with the guy who thought this would be a good idea.

Here is the only video of the flight I can find at this moment.


Andreas said...

Isn't it about time New Yorkers got over it? Every time there's a loud noise in Manhattan they run for the hills. 9/11 happened. Deal with it. Londoners, who were bombed plenty of times during the IRA years, don't jump every time a car backfires. As for planes, what do they do when they visit other cities, where overflights happen all the time? Do they run for the basements?

While I can accept that 9/11 was extremely traumatic, I think New Yorkers are being just a bit too emo about it.

Anonymous said...

The White House has lost its marbles. Another disgraceful decision.

Anonymous said...

Andreas: you are pathetic and have no idea what you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

It seems like Andreas has a good point.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Andreas.

Anonymous said...

why did the government need a 747 to take pictures over NY. wouldn't a smaller craft seem more resonable? perhaps our government just wanted to instill panic upon NY. or maybe perhaps our government is planning another attack on NY.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that Andrea is a douche bag

Anonymous said...

Andreas, do you have the emotional development of a 10 year old? People lost their loved ones and friends. Don't speak for them you fool

Christopher G said...

Wow. People are actually commenting. Yay!

I've added a homevideo taken from someone on the ground during the fly by. It really shows the [brief] panic that can set in.

I agree somewhat with Andreas that people's outrage is a little much but someone really should be disciplined for this screw up. A stunt like this has to take planning and not considering how it will be interpreted shows a major lack of common sense on the planners part. Something we wouldn't want to encourage in any segment of the government.

Hell, regardless of which city this was in, if you were in a major metropolitan area and saw a large plane flying in low over the city while being tailed by two fighter jets, would you not react similarly to those who ran in the video?

Andreas said...

I'm not saying 9/11 wasn't traumatic. It was a horrific event. But at a certain point life must go on. Did Londoners ask for special treatment during the blitz or during the years of IRA bombings? No. They got on with life. Did my dad cower in fear for years after being in the target zone of bombings during WWII, and even being shot? No. He got on with life.

I don't understand this sudden burst of rage for something that happens in most other big cities multiple times a day.

In a wider perspective, I think a lot of people nowadays just seem to take offense a bit too easily at things which have nothing to do with them.