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I tend to read a lot of stuff from all over the world. Stories of all types from all walks of life. So today, I felt it would be interesting to check out stuff going on from around the world.

As anyone who isn't living under a rock will know, the situation in Iran isn't looking good. Protests and rallies continue to happen more than 10 days after the widely disputed election results. Even after Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (the Supreme leader of Iran) spoke out supporting the election results, people just aren't buying it. To make matters worse, rumors of a religious coalition to overthrow Khamenei seems to be taking hold. But the people of Iran seem more interested in the electoral government and its use of force against them and for denying them their right to "democracy". And for this, they are still taking to the streets in protest.

One particular driving force for this reaction is a young Iranian woman named Neda Soltan who was shot and killed earlier this week by Basiji militia while watching a rally. Many others have died; however, Neda's death has quickly become a symbol of martyrdom for the youth in Iran calling for change. This has been pushed heavily because of the massive news coverage of Neda's death as unedited footage of her last dying moments made the rounds on the internet relatively quickly after her death.

To make things worse, Iranian authorities have now banned public displays of mourning for her death and have demanded her family remove mourning banners at their home in an attempt to counter public rallying behind her murder and to negate the labeling of her martyrdom. This hasn't worked successfully and if anything, their move to stop it will only make the push against them even stronger.

WARNING: The following link is slightly GRAPHIC. It contains a video that shows the last few moments of Neda's life just after the shooting.

Link: She will not be forgotten

In a place where government rule and order is minimal, it isn't surprising that you will find excessive violence and crime. With recent ship hijackings and attacks off its coast, Somalia is quickly becoming the poster child of modern piracy. However, it seems that when Somalia's unrecognized hardline Islamic "government" power does step in to restore[sic] order, they don't joke around.

The al-Shabab militia group, which retains power of much of southern Somalia, recently condemned four men to double amputation for stealing, get this, three cellphones and two assault weapons. All four men will each have one arm and one leg amputated as punishment for their crimes. The amputations are to be done publicly as a show of force to deter further crime by others. To be considerate to the future handicapped men, the amputations were delayed on Monday due to high heat for fear of excessive bleeding.

Link: One on the Right, One on the Left

A man in the U.K. has come up with a pretty interesting defense for killing his wife and best friend. After waking up to find his life-partner and good buddy having drunken sex together in his living room, William Cranston killed the cheating couple with a knife. In his defense, Cranston claims to have no recollection of picking up a knife and stabbing each of them to death and after the entire horrific event was over, he even tried to resuscitate the two while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

Link: Out of Knife, Out of Mind

Meanwhile, around 70 passengers on an Thomas Cook airline flight to Newcastle refused to board after the crew requested that passengers sit on the plane to balance the uneven weight distribution caused by excessive luggage being packed into the front of the aircraft.

It seems a loading door in the cargo-hold was broken, resulting in luggage only being packed in the front end of the plane. To counter the weight difference, the pilot and crew thought asking passengers to sit in the rear of the plane to act as a counter-weight would be a smart idea. In fact, the airline insisted it was a normal procedure and was entirely safe to fly on.

This doesn't seem to be the case according to passengers from the previous flight that had just come in on the same plane. Those passengers actually warned those waiting to board to not take the flight and to find another plane. Their warnings were reinforced by some unloading passengers actually crying and kissing the ground as they left the plane. As a result, 71 people listened and refused to fly.

Link: On a Wing and a Prayer

It is generally accepted that many Asian countries are facing overpopulation issues that result in largely overcrowded urban centers. Nothing seems to show this to be more true than the following video. When I watched it, I almost couldn't believe this was real. How would you like to deal with this on your daily commute?

I love the guy in the brown trench coat slowly getting shoved into the train. At first, it looks like he tries to resist by placing his arm against the door. But all that accomplishes is making him turn as he is slowly sucked into the mass of people inside the train. Hilarious!

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