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Celebrities Are Dropping Like Flies!

Today is another sad day in entertainment. If you can consider infomercials entertainment (Discovery seems to think so). Billy Mays, one of the well known kings of infomercials, died today, June 28th 2009, in his home in Florida. The tv pitchman, whose patented introduction, "Hi, Billy Mays Here!"and first breakthrough product "Oxyclean" made him a late-late night tv commercial icon, was found unconscious and unresponsive by his wife in the early morning. By 7:45am, he was pronounced dead by the fire-rescue crew that responded.

The cause of death is still unknown, however most news agencies are mentioning an accident Mr. Mays had the day before on a commercial flight home. The inccident occurred when the airplane he was on had a tire blowout while landing. May's had commented publicly about it and mentioned some object hitting him in the head. But had stated refusal of any need for medical help because he had a "hard head". It is still unknown if the accident has any connection with his sudden death; however, with the death of Natashia Richardson due to what had initially appeared to be a minor head injury, the injury should not be ignored as the cause.

Billy Mays had recently been a guest on the Tonight Show with Conan Obrien earlier in this week where he pitched his new TV show "Pitchmen" with his co-host, Anthony Sullivan. Watch the interview on Hulu below:

You can watch the entire episode here, on Hulu: Click me has even erected an online memorial with a top 10 list of Billy May's best infomercials. Link found here: Clicky

RIP Billy Mays.

Some updated news about Michael Jackson, in a nutshell: The day after his death, the coroner issued a report which deferred the cause of death until further testing was completed. The testing included a toxicology report and would be concluded in a couple of weeks. While this didn't rule out cardiac arrest as the cause of death, it did show that if it was CA, the coroner was unsure why it happened.

The Jackson family has stated they plan to have a second autopsy performed with their own tests to try to determine what happened. People from all over the world have paid their respects to the King of Pop.

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