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A Dark Week in the World of Entertainment

Today marked a low for this week in entertainment with the death of a third extremely famous celebrity within the last few days. While reports are still sketchy it seems that today, June 25th 2009, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson has died.

RIP: Article from TMZ

It was initially reported that Michael Jackson had suffered a heart attack and was rushed to UCLA Medical Center. However, as more news became available, the outcome didn't look well with his father stating that he was "not ok" and his family being called to the hospital. Within 3o minutes however, the news had been broke. Michael Jackson was dead.

It is being reported that Paramedics were called to Michael's home around noon when he suffered cardiac arrest and collapsed on the ground. When the paramedics arrived they found him unconscious and not breathing while people already at the scene continued to attempt to perform CPR on him. Reports now say he may have already been deceased when paramedics arrived but we will have to wait for a more comprehensive report.

It seems the old saying that celebrities really do die off in threes is true. First Ed McMahon, then Farrah, and now Michael Jackson. Three very high profile celebrities all within 7 days time. Some people aware of the "threes" curse had bet against Patrick Swayze dying, but it seems the latest celebrity death has really come out from left field.

Rumors are flying on the internet that Michael may have died from suicide from an overdose on sleeping pills, but we will have to see if a toxicology report is done.

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