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Iranian Massacre - June 24th, 2009

I know I have covered the topic much this last week or so, but it is something I feel is an important thing to pay attention to and follow. Below is an emotional and disturbing video. If it doesn't at least start to tug at something deep in you, then perhaps you are just a heartless bastard - or maybe you know something most don't (if so, feel free share in comments). Either way, the video is of a phone interview with an Iranian woman describing some of the horror that supposedly took place yesterday throughout Tehran and other parts of Iran.

To hear the woman call for help from the world is disturbing. The things she describes weigh heavy, soaked with the genuine terror and a sort of desperateness in the tone of her voice. And it is understandable. While through just reading the words people may be desensitized to the events in Iran, the attacks are horrific in reality.

Descriptive scenes of grisly, horrific events have flooded the internet; even with a large majority of the foreign media presence in Iran being all but banned from covering the demonstrations turned bloodbaths. Thanks to twitter and independent bloggers in Iran, the truth (sensationalized or otherwise) is getting out there.

Descriptions of people using axes on demonstrators (graphic photo), baton beatings, and shootings hit twitter and various international news outlets throughout the day as government authorities attacked demonstrators in mass around Iran for defying a government decree against election protests. It is late here now (3am for me) but Iran, the protesting and demonstrating is still continuing. Twitter is full of advice and warnings to other protesters. Some even giving advice on how to protect and fight back against the Basiji with a few popular twitter feeds calling for Revolution. Even, @IranElection on twitter is now twittering under @NetRevolution. To keep up with recent Iran related twitters, Click Here for a short how-to on following specific Iran related tweets. Or you can check out the Huffington Post's page here: Link

During all of this, what has the newly relected president done? He attempted to host an election victory party and was snubbed by over 100 Iranian MPs who failed to show. Meanwhile international comment has been minimal with President Obama condemning the "unjust" violence in Iran, but the United Nations remaining silent about what is going on.

In the recent history of Iranian political distress, the current clashes may seem lesser when compared to other defining events in Iran's history. July 19th, 1988 marked a horrific start of a 5 month killing campaign when (the current) government of Iran started executing political prisoners. Literally thousands of people were killed (some say up to 30,000), and was considered by many to be an international crime against humanity. Of course, Iran is still a freshly revolutionized nation, having overthrown the Iran monarchy in 1979 with the exile of then Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

While the attacks occurring in Iran have not yet reached the same horrific level as events of the past, it is very well looking like it will continue to carry on in that direction - even if U.S. officials might say otherwise. If that is the case, this will mark a first in history worldwide with a revolution being fueled by social media and large online participation.

For those who are still living under a rock though and need a little re-up on what has been going on in the last 13 days or so, check this news website which has a very informative yet brief FAQ: Link

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