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Why is my TV not working? - For those still under a rock.

Were you one of the few 1 million or so people living under a rock the last year and a half? The ones who today noticed the sudden lack of tv shows (a lack of anything really) on your analog television? Or perhaps you were someone who thought the change to DTV happened in February, like it originally was supposed to. Maybe you just figured you had the right kind of TV for the transition all along only to be left with static on your set at the change over today. Confusing right?

If you are one of those people and still have no clue what I am talking about, then here it is plain and simple:

Today, June 13th, as of 12:00 am all major broadcasters have officially changed from an analog broadcast signal to a digital one. This means if your television doesn't work anymore for some unknown reason to you, the simple answer is that it likely isn't a DTV compatible television. It is an analog TV that does not accept digital signal.

Wondering what the benefit of DTV is? Visit the helpful consumer alert website here: Click Me

It is understandable that you didn't know about this. It isn't like they have been doing broadcast preparedness tests or advertising it on every channel or anything. /s

The solution to your TV set not working is a simple digital signal converter box which will pretty much do what its name states: convert the digital signal into an analog one that your TV can view. The downside of this solution is that like everything else in life, the converter box is not free.

Now before you go shouting about your natural born right to view your tv without having to buy a government mandated spy box for your living room (no its not true), know that they are more than willing to take care of some of the cost of it through a free $40 dollar-off coupon. How gracious, huh? Oh yeah, the converter box averages $50 USD. But for a limited time, until July 31st 2009, even you latecomers can sign up for the coupon through visited this website: Site So get to it! Better to have to only pay 10 to 15 dollars instead of a full 50 just to continue watching public television. Right?

Now a converter box isn't your only option. If you aren't one of those cheap people and would like to consider all of your options, then perhaps it is time to consider purchasing a new television. Any tv you buy new nowadays will be able to receive and display the new digital broadcast signal no problem. And all without the need of a converter box too. With LCDs, plasma televisions, and even LED TVs flooding the market nowadays, you have a lot to go through. One place you can start your search is by getting to know the difference between the three: Check EngadgetHD out

Here is some more reading material for the three, check out: HERE

It is important to be educated on what you are investing in so keep up the reading before you buy anything big. Good luck.

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