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Obama Throws Like a Girl? Presidential First Pitches

The internet has been buzzing about President Obama's athletic ability with yesterday's ceremonial first pitch at the 2009 MLB All-Star Game. Some are in praise of his method of delivery while others are going as far as saying he throws like a girl. Conspiracy lovers are even jumping in stating that the White House may have limited the camera angles as well. Regardless, Obama had been determined to at least make the pitch reach the catcher and not bounce it. And to that effect, he was successful - albeit by a very slim margin.

Watch below to make your own decision on how he throws:

I don't see the girl factor there. For a president who is more comfortable on a basketball court than a pitchers mound, I believe Obama did great. Even if this wasn't his first time throwing out a first pitch. What you don't see in this clip (conspiracy camera angle nuts will shout this) is the catch by Albert Pujols at home plate. While Obama's pitch did not hit the dirt, Pujols can be credited for the save. Forced to move up to scoop the pitch up in the last minute before it hit the ground, the St. Louis Cardinals slugger helped to guarantee the presidential pitch ended smoothly. Pictures of the scoop can be found here: Click

In truth though, while Obama may not be able to delivery the perfect curve ball, he has done as well as others in the past (presidents and celebrities alike). Below is a collection of videos of successful and not-so successful celebrity first pitches.

Presidents: Since 1910, when William Taft threw out the first ever presidential first pitch for the Washington Senators, a long legacy of presidential pitches have occurred.

President Bush:

Even though some people have said he was near incompetent as president, you have to admit, that guy can throw a decent pitch. Maybe that is what he spent all his time on.

Bill Clinton:

Pitch can be seen in the last 5 seconds of the clip. Not terrible on the deliver; however, the clip ends too short to tell how off it was.

Some Other Celebrities...

Kevin Garnett:

He throws JUST like Obama did. This only reaffirms my theory on people who play basketball throwing the first pitch. It isn't natural to them, but they get the job done.


I wonder what degrading things Howard Stern must have made him do because of this.

Michelin Man:

Yes he does exist, and he can't throw worth a damn. That is expected though since he likely can't even touch his own head in that suit.

Adam Carolla:

As a LA Dodgers fan myself, I wish I had seen this in person. I find his dedication to not sucking refreshing. He just refused to have a bad first pitch. Instead, he got two terrible pitches and a decent one in the end.

Dick Cheney:

Not completely real but still hilarious! In real life he made the pitch for the most part; however, he was standing about 3 feet in front of the pitchers mound. I also want to note that in the real clip from the official broadcast, you do not see the catch at all. Just like with Obama, the camera stays on Cheney the entire time.

Mayor of Cincinnati:

Rated as one of the worst first pitches ever. But then, most haven't seen the guy below.

This man's first pitch was so terrible, someone felt the need to put a "Real Men of Genius" soundtrack over it. So fitting and so freaking funny.

Finally, we leave you with what is probably the most unique ceremonial first pitch in the history of baseball.



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