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Win Burger King's Scratch-To-Win Transformers Game, Every Time.

BK has been using the same style game pieces for promotions for a while now. Way back when "Spiderman" the move was in theaters, they used the exact same method of promotion. Luckily, I figured out quickly how to determine which side to scratch off so I could win every time! Now each time Burger King does a promotion like this, I can eat like a king for weeks on end. You can too (that is, if you can stomach BK food) just by following the simple directions laid out in the video below.

How to Win Burger Kings Transformers Game Every Time!!! - Watch more Funny Videos

What to buy first?
Whopper Jr. Meal - Large Size (You get three game pieces here and it is cheapest meal on the menu)
After that, just get free food. With every free item, you can buy a medium fries or drink to get another game piece or if you can't stomach that much fast food, stick to picking up new pieces every once in a while.

Originally, I had attempted a bright light, but this method was not successful all of the time. After a quick rethink, the solution was found. Enjoy. And happy eating.

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