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Obama's REAL Birth Certificate Uncovered - He really is an alien!!!

UPDATE: A high resolution version of the scan has been uploaded to the internet: Click here to see.

Recently leaked documents recovered and posted by show a clear scan of President Barack Hussein Obama's true birth certificate. While recent reports have shown a variety of potential birth places for the president, the authenticity of those documents have quickly been called into question as being fakes produced by either side of the argument in order to disprove the other's claims.

This new birth certificate is said to have been turned over by a whistle blower located high up in one of the government's security agencies. The reason for its extreme classified nature may surprise you. A scan of the birth certificate can be found below.

Click for Larger

As the certificate of birth clearly shows, a vast conspiracy is quickly unwinding in front of us. Additional Documents provided by the source shows the real reason for Obama's cover up. Since the early 1950's the government's security agencies have been working closely with martian inhabitants, better known as the greys by alien enthusiasts, to expatriate hybrid children from their planet of birth when the child's birth mother decides to return to Earth.

Documents show that Obama was one of 35 other individuals that year alone who were relocated per newly adopted interstellar laws at the time of Obama's birth. In order to immigrate the child to their new world, the birth mother was required to select a place of birth of relative obscurity. Since Hawaii had only been admitted into the union two years before, it was chosen as a prime place of birth for many newly expatriated Martian hybrids at the time.

While Obama is not the first Martian to reach an influential position of power in our country's government, he is in fact the first Martian to ever be elected president of the United States. The main reason for the massive cover up is because of the closeness of the 2008 election against McCain. Shortly after Obama's win, grey ambassadors notified government administrators about a possible inquiry that would be made on the president's actual place of birth (the documents do not state how the greys obtained this information). In the last few weeks, the U.S. government has been more than welcome to accept the accusations of a Kenyan birth if it will take the heat off of the true location.

Unfortunately for them, these new documents released have turned their cover up plan upside down.

To see other famous and influential people who were found to be aliens, check out the link below.

Celebrity Aliens


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Igor, you're an idiot.

Christopher G said...

What is sad is my forgery is more believable than his!

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