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Creative builds on the internet

I felt like sharing a few interesting (in many ways very artistic) builds and projects done by people on the internet. In truth, these are simply people who decided to think outside of the box and try to create something creative and real from the realm of our imaginations. Some of these builds are from a little while ago but I remembered them and wanted to list some.

Bioshock's Big Daddy costume (from Dragon*Con 09): Detailed Blog Post Here

Dragon*Con is a crazy gathering that I hadn't really heard about until this year but has been going as early as the mid 1990's. If you thought costumes at Comic-con were good. Dragon*Con has got it beat.

Cheeseburger Cupcakes: Flickr How-To Here

Craving a juicy cheeseburger but wanting to treat your sweet-tooth? Dump the shake and burger and check out these cheeseburger cupcakes. Realistic looking down the the sesame seed bun.

Valve's Portal - Real-life Portal Gun: Flickr pics Here

Another build based off of a very popular video game. Engadget posted detailed information on the making of this replica gun (including a video). A lot of work went into it and the final product was awesome. For those wanting a portal fix, check out the online flash version of the game. Here.

A Dad's Sandwich Art: Taking lunch to a whole new level Here

A dad decided to take his son's lunch to a new artistic level and actually created this website to showcase them. The creator started it in the hopes of showing his kid (and others) that eating healthily can be fun. And it seems to be taking off.

Some additional builds to check out are: Project Grizzly, a Halo suit build, hamburger cake, and of course the BCN.

Below is a clip from Project Grizzly showing how long the suit has been in the works - some video from 1989.


Melissa said...

I would say - take the cheeseburger cupcakes to the next level -- Use bacon-frosting to give them the savory kick to them as well!! :D

Christopher G said...

MMMmmm. Bacon frosting. :D

Hochfart said...
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amna said...
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amna said...

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