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Lost Finale - End of a Confusing TV Story

I know I haven't updated this blog in a while; however, my love of the television show LOST and a few late nights between my busy schedule has left me with a terrific display of what a waste of time can look like.

I introduce to you, the "basic" LOST narrative chart. Basic being it displays details over a time of a few hundred years and no specifics about the 100 or so days on the island since the Oceanic 815 crash.

Direct link to flickr image can be found here: Click Me

All data was collected through Wikipedia and Lostpedia and I am sure is not perfect. Some estimation on my part for certain things. Still, it should give a general idea about the basic placement of characters (from what we know so far) during the timeline of LOST.

The original of this was made at a ridiculous size. I don't know what made me create it at this size but I was feeling it at the time (30,000 pixels x 800 pixels). As a result, it took some tricks in illustrator, professional, and photoshop to bring forth the .png before you. Unfortunately at a slight loss of quality.

Here is .pdf file with a better idea of the original size and scale. The file contains a legend as well for better understanding what each symbol means.

I'm sure my inspiration was this amazing movie narrative chart creation by xkcd a while back. I actually hadn't looked at this one since back when it was posted, but it is a little disturbing how similar I drew mine, such as character deaths marked by the dots. He does it better. No doubt.

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