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If a person were to ever ask me about my thoughts on how amazing mankind is in our ability to overcome nature, I would simply point up at the sky and tell them to look at the clouds.

We may plow the earth as we see fit, tearing down our lush green forests to be replaced by the jagged landscape of concrete and metal. We dam rivers and topple mountains with our complex tools and machines. We have carved and changed the face of our planet drastically in the millions of years in which Humans have roamed it's surface. But through it all, the clouds have remained.

They float above us, rolling and shifting slowly; the ever changing mountains of the sky. They tower above every building and skyscraper we have ever built and remain indifferent to the planes we send piercing into their sides. An eternal backdrop of the world around us, the white balls of gaseous water particles are representative of everything our planet is and ever will be. They are the very things that allow life to thrive under the deep blue blanket of the sky above.

As children we looked to the sky to fulfill our youthful imaginations. But behind the beauty of the fluff is the unforgiving strength of nature. Dark rolling blankets of storm clouds roll across the sky, carried by the howling push of cold winter winds. With them come rain, hail, and snow. Accompanied with others, the destructive forces of tornadoes and hurricanes. Even with our mighty technology, we still run for cover and cower in our feeble homes when we see the black whirling clouds of a powerful storm approaching from the distance. The thundering crack of lightning flashes from its belly, striking down to the ground below and scorching the earth. It is no surprise to me why men have looked to the sky for centuries as the home of our mighty and all-knowing Gods.

For, to me, clouds are one of the greatest examples of the insignificance of mankind's power and of the everlasting presence that nature holds over us every single day. It is something we should never forget.

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