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November 6th, 2012

Yesterday marked another notch on the belt of presidential politics. The American people voted to keep President Obama in the White House and on track for another four years. But almost as important, the American people decided to step up their game and vote on two major issues addressing personal freedom and individual rights: gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana.

While some people lament the passing as a political push of morals from the liberal base, the changes that will happen to Colorado and Washington's state laws for marijuana and Maryland and Maine's for gay marriage do offer one thing conservative Republican believers can agree with; placing an emphasis on a state's right to regulate independently from the overwhelming presence of an opposing federal regulation.

Gay rights and marijuana legalization may seem like drawn out topics of controversial discussion to some, but both will hopefully act as the beginning of a shift toward government granting people more personal rights on the state and eventually the federal level.

If you've been living under a rock for the last week (or even the last 6 months), check out some of the recent election information below:

President Obama wins a second term
Florida still can't do anything right
Puerto Rico votes to join the union and become a state
Princeton Statistician predicts Election almost exactly
First openly lesbian Senator elected
First Asian American woman elected in the House

November 6th was an excellent day in the gradual advancement of our nation and I'm proud of anyone who stepped up and did their part by voting for these changes. I'm excited to see where we go in the next four years.

Some other things that happened recently: Break-thru in biofuel conversion of algae, George Lucas sells Star Wars and then gives the proceeds away

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