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Life offers us a truly interesting perspective of the world. Though we may be more connected than ever, each of us still experiences life in our own first-person narrative; a perspective that is unique, but limited and best shared through one's own telling.

One person who helps to put the world into perspective is Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. Hadfield is currently living aboard the International Space Station acting as Commander of Expedition 35. Since he first started his orbit over earth in December 2012, Chris Hadfield has become a little bit of an Internet celebrity, hosting AMAs on Reddit, sharing details of his work and life, and even playing music with the Barenaked Ladies. But what I've enjoyed most from Commander Hadfield's time in space are the amazing photos he puts up on his Twitter account.

His photographs can be breathtaking at times, showing the true magnificent beauty of the world in the best way possible; focused down onto us from the heavens above. Technology has helped to break the limitation of personal perspective some, but never before in the way that it has with Commander Chris Hadfield.

From the polluted air of China to heart shaped islands in the Carribean, the scenes that he presents offers a new perspective on the world and the impact that mankind has on it. Every photograph is accompanied by a caption detailing the location and offers an opportunity for those of us stuck on this planet to see the world from another man's perspective 200+ miles up.

This is what technology allows us to do today. With social media and the Internet, we are free to view a daily catalog of photos of our world from the comfort of our own home. We are able connect with not just others on our planet, but also those floating high above us; to learn and interact in ways that no one else has in the many generations before us. I think that is pretty damn awesome. Check out some more of  Chris Hadfield's photographs below and be sure to follow him on Twitter where he interacts with his over 400,000 followers every day.

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