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Hump Day Happenings - 2/27/2013

Midweek marked a strong news day for the tech industry. Google released Chrome 25 for Android as well as a cute browser-based game that lets up to four people play using their mobile phones. Meanwhile, Apple held a shareholders meeting where CEO Tim Cook announced their awareness of the growing threat of Samsung and promised of "great stuff to come", but failed to give any real deep insight into the company's future plans or strategy.

Samsung decided to release their new Samsung Wallet app; an Android-based coupon and gift-card organizing app meant to compete with Apple's Passbook. Pandora Radio announced the return of their 40 hour a week streaming cap; this time focused on mobile users. Time Warner Cable continued to play ignorant and claimed that none of their customers want fiber-optic Gigabit Internet, while Facebook and several other major U.S. companies announced their support for marriage equality in an effort to help overturn California's Proposition 8.

Pope Benedict XVI gave a public farewell speech to his followers as he finalized preparations for his resignation on Thursday. The United States and Iran made some minor progress in initial talks about reducing Iran's controversial nuclear program, while the newly assigned Secretary of State John Kerry held discussions with Syrian opposition fighters about ways for the U.S. to provide support to their cause.

Other news of note:
Using rats to seek out old land mines.
3D printed car that is as tough as steel, but only half the weight.
Making of Star Wars documentary surfaces after 30 years.
A manned mission to mars may happen by 2018.
Revolutionary Leap Motion PC control preps for May release.

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