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In The News Today - 2/21/2013

Reddit led the charge today by hosting an AMA style interview with Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The billionaire tech and philanthropy leader started off his “Ask Me Anything” with a customized video answering a few questions he took on ahead of time and fielded on the spot questions about topics such as Internet freedom and choosing between Windows 7 or Windows 8. Google also made news again with further details of their new Chromebook Pixel and the upcoming release of its wireless charging station for their Nexus 4.

Meanwhile, as the Oscar Pistorius murder trial reached its third day of bail proceedings, South African police announced that they would replace the lead investigator involved after public concern arose over his potential mismanagement of the investigation and his own pending murder charges. In the Middle East, citizens in the Syrian city of Damascus suffered some of the heaviest casualties from the last year of their civil war as several car bombs exploded in the center of the busy city, killing over 50 people and injuring hundreds more. India announced their plans for a mission to Mars even while explosions ripped through the city of Hydradad, killing 11 people in what government officials admitted was a known coordinated terrorist attack.

In less depressing news, an online petition to the White House reached the 100,000 signature threshold, requiring President Obama to address the request that he review the recent legislation banning consumers from “jailbreaking” their mobile phones. Justin Timberlake was announced as a host and musical guest for SNL in April (yet again) and several large companies announced that they had been hacked as the week of highly visible computer security breaches continued.

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