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News from Friday - 2/22/2013

The day started with news of Para-Olympian Oscar Pistorius being released on $113,000 bail after a magistrate from the South African court ruled that he was not a flight risk. After a week's worth of dramatic courtroom drama, it's hard to believe this was only the bail hearing and the actual trial isn't until June 2013.

Facebook Product Director, Blake Ross announced his departure from Facebook with a funny email while Google released renders of the design for its new 1.1 million square-foot campus in San Francisco. The two companies continued their dominance in this week's tech news with Facebook also releasing an update for iOS that allows free domestic internet calls for users and rumors of Google launching a music streaming service circulating around the web.

On the political front, the White House unveiled a long-awaited new policy aimed at bringing more visibility and openness to government funded research. The policy would bring new access for public review of scientific research papers by requiring agencies and journals to make government funded research papers available for free after 12 months of initial publishing. Meanwhile, President Obama pondered about the location of his future Presidential Library, while his Transportation secretary warned about possible large-scale flight delays. The delays are just another warning of the massive impact that the now very real sequestration budget-cuts will have when they start being applied on March 1st.

Not to be (or possibly in hopes of being) ignored, Microsoft announced in the later evening of Friday that they too had discovered that they had been hacked. This makes them just the latest in a long string of high value corporations to be attacked during this week alone. Distracting some from the hacking incident, Microsoft announced a press event for April that many news sources speculate will be when they announce their next generation Xbox to rival Sony's recently announced PS4.

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