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Wrap Up - 2/20/2013

To celebrate the completion of my news aggregation project, I am planning to post a wrap up of the daily news as often as possible. These posts will highlight the trending news topics of the day and summarize the current events that made headlines.

Today marked a major day for tech and business news. Google started early by releasing new photos and video of their Project Glass while simultaneously announcing a special contest-like beta for 8000 lucky tech consumers to test out the new Google Glass headset. Unfortunately, those who do earn the chance to own the units early will have to pay $1,500 and figure out how to get to the West Coast to pick their merchandise up. Office Depot also announced this morning that it will buy its competitor OfficeMax in a stock deal estimated to top over $1.17 billion. The two companies plan to consolidate operations and shave off over 400 million dollars in annual costs in an attempt to reorganize and regain strength in the shifting office supplies industry.

Three big names in technology joined together in a new philanthropic partnership. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google co-founder Sergey Brin teamed up with Turi Milner to create a non-profit foundation dedicated toward rewarding excellence in medical research. Run by Apple Chairman Art Levinson, the non-profit awarded $3 million dollars each to 11 scientists focused on the scientific research of cancer and genetics. The money is provided to each individual and has no strings attached.

Elsewhere in the publishing world, media giant the New York Times Company announced plans to sell the Boston Globe due to falling revenues. Meanwhile, addressing continued concerns over the upcoming sequestration based budget cuts, the Pentagon warned about 750,000 civilian employees that furloughs should be expected in the coming months.

Sony dominated the afternoon with its big planned reveal of their next generation console, the Playstation 4. While the two hour conference showed live gameplay from new titles like Killzone: Shadow Fall, Driveclub, The Witness, and WatchDog, eager gamers were snubbed on any glimpse of the console itself. Sony did reveal new features for the gaming console with a primary focus on the social aspect of gaming in the newly connected and mobile world.

Not to be undone, Google closed the day by announcing that it will be selling its own touchscreen Chromebooks by the end of the year.

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