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Monday Funday - 3/18/13

Today wasn't that great for anyone. Monday began with reports on the latest global monetary crisis; this time originating from the small island country of Cyprus. International stock markets dipped heavily at the news that Cyprus would be postponing a decision on a potential bailout plan that could see a one-time tax levy ranging from 6.75 to 9.9 percent on deposits being pushed onto depositors. The delay occurred in response to a temporary rush of withdrawals by bank customers impacted by the potential bailout news. As the morning progressed, Japan's long-troubled Fuckishima Daiichi nuclear plant suffered a partial power failure that shut down the site's cooling system, risking potential overheating of four of the fuel storage pools.

Meanwhile in Syria, the opposition voted to back Ghassan Hitto (a U.S. citizen) as their interim Prime Minister. At the same time, Syrian government  planes bombed a border section of Lebanon, risking further the potential of the Syrian civil-war spreading to neighboring countries. As the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq passed, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered the Pentagon to reevaluate the Obama administration's year-old military strategy to determine if the recent sweeping military budget cuts make it unaffordable. The Supreme Court showed a rare act of solidarity by refusing without comment to hear two cases hoping to overturn entertainment anti-piracy rulings. While they could agree to reject any chance of changing the world of digital copyrights and Internet piracy, the Supreme Court continued to appear divided as it heard arguments over Arizona's election laws that would require proof of citizenship for registering voters.

Amidst Internet boycotts and the PR disaster of their latest Sim City video game, EA Games CEO John Riccitiello announced his retirement, citing a need for accountability toward his failure to reach key financial targets for the company. As Easter nears and March Madness begins to pick up into full swing, Motorola Mobility released a new report showing the increasing decline of social media interaction for television viewers.

Other news bits:
Living in sunny climate may not help with vitamin D intake
Obama elects new Department of Labor lead knowing the GOP will protest

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