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News for Friday - 3/1/2013

Happy Sequestration Day!

SpaceX started the day early by launching their latest Falcon 9 rocket. While in route to supply the ISS with fresh food and science experiments, the aptly-named Dragon Capsule experienced a "glitch" that left only two of four thrusters working. By late afternoon, the thrusters had returned to full working order, but the capsules arrival at the ISS would be delayed until at least Sunday.

President Obama and key members of the House met briefly in the morning to discuss the large-scale spending cuts scheduled to happen at the end of the day. After an unsuccessful meeting, Obama held a press conference and inadvertently angered many science fiction fans by mixing references from Star Wars and Star Trek and coining the phrase, "Jedi Mind Meld". In the resulting rush of negative responses on social media sites, the White House released a rather clever piece of political propaganda poking fun at the President's mistake and truly owning the moment. Now that sequestration is a reality, Obama signaled that he would be refocusing on social issues like gun control and immigration once again.

Andrew Mason, ex-CEO of Internet discount website Groupon, continued to make headlines after his firing by the company's board the day before. Internationally, Dennis Rodman showed off his continued ignorance to the sensitivities of global diplomacy by announcing his admiration for North Korean leader Kim Jung Un. The ex-NBA player feasted and drank with the hard-lined communist leader during and expressed his extreme satisfaction with his visit and with the young ruler. Meanwhile, US District Judge Lucy Koh made the news by slapping down Apple's one billion dollar ruling against Samsung. Judge Koh reduced the total award to $600 million, reasoning that the jury that had awarded Apple the hefty award for damages did so using flawed legal theories.

Not to be forgotten, Facebook announced a March 7th press conference to reveal another update to the design of their Newsfeed feature. Google released a very informative and entertaining website that shows how their search engine works. Microsoft also opened a new "Envisioning Lab" at their Redmond headquarters, revealing the tech company's projections of what they think a post-PC world will look like.

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