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Pie Day News Wrap - 3/14/13

Happy Pie Day!

The Vatican ruled the headlines again as newly elected Pope Francis I finished his first day as leader of the Catholic Church. While many believe the Church to be an outdated and disconnected form of religious rule, the activity of the last week has spurred a massive increase in Internet traffic about the Church and its new pontiff.

Meanwhile in the rest of Europe and the Middle East, France continued to urge the EU to end their arms embargo and provide aid directly to the Syrian Rebels. Baghdad saw another day of violence and death after a coordinated attack on the Ministry of Justice compound and a series of car bombs left 18 dead and almost 70 wounded. In the Asia Pacific region, North Korea continued to threaten war with South Korea and the rest of the world, while claiming that the US had hacked them and taken down key websites and internet services.

Back in the United States, President Obama finished his three day mini-tour of Capital Hill just as the U.S. Senate approved their latest gun control legislation that would see bans on various types of assault weapons. While the President prepares to focus on a fundraising trip to California in April, the GOP kicked off their annual CPAC meeting and accidentally revealed a building division amongst the Republican party.

Google announced the closure of their highly popular RSS Reader service and multiple third party companies, including debunked social media site Digg, announced that they would attempt to replace it with their own versions. Google also continued to shift their upper-management, this time moving Google Maps Commerce chief, Jeff Huber to their highly secretive GoogleX sub-division.

In other news:
Scientists at CERN are pretty damn sure they've found the Higgs Boson
A new drug may help improve lives of those with Parkinson's
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is revealed in New York
DVD Rental company Redbox opens up unlimited movie streaming service

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