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Thursday News - 3/28/13

The world remained at a relatively tense standstill as North Korea reacted once again to the United States' recent provocations. North Korea placed their rockets on stand-by after the U.S. flew two stealth B-2 Spirit bombers just south of the isolated regime in what the U.S. called a practice run. In a separate matter that was likely highly influenced by the current global state, Iran, Syria, and North Korea blocked passage of an Arms Trade Treaty in the UN that would have tried to regulate the sale of conventional weapons.

On the mainland United States, the EPA announced efforts to pass regulations aimed at further reducing pollution from vehicle's tailpipes. News broke that the U.S. Census Bureau plans to conduct a majority of the 2020 census through the internet. Meanwhile, federal government employees continued to worry about the impact that pending sequestration cuts might have on their work schedules and President Obama continued his administration's push for stricter gun control.

Facebook sent out invitations to an event on April 4th, announcing a new "home for Android" and raising rumors of a potential modified Android operating system. News reports indicated Apple plans to drop Samsung's Retina Display for their future iPad mini; a move interpreted by some experts as just another step in Apple's attempts to distance itself from the powerhouse Korean company. Amazon announced their acquisition of online social reading website, but assured users that they would "do no harm" to the beloved reading site.

Not entirely news:
Man-sized robot jellyfish to someday roam U.S. oceans

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