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Today is Tuesday - 3/26/13

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Time for a list of the news from Tuesday. In no particular order:

1. T-mobile announces expansion of services, elimination of contracts, and support of mainstream smartphones like the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

2. SpaceX retrieves Dragon Capsule from the Pacific Ocean  after a successful return from the International Space Station.

3. U.S. Bank Wells Fargo announces potential DDOS attack on their main customer website.

4. The Syrian Opposition is welcomed as the official representative for Syria at a two-day summit for the Arab League as rebel forces continued to step up their offensive in the Syrian capital of Damascus.

5. North Korea continued to threaten annihilation of South Korea and the United States while the U.S. warned that it was ready for "any contingency".

6. The chairman of the Bank of Cyprus stepped down on Tuesday in the wake of the recently approved bailout which would see massive restructuring and austerity measures against the banks and high-level depositors.

7.  The European Union announced plans to provide 30 MBps broadband to every citizen by 2020.

8. The U.S. Supreme Court listened to initial oral arguments on the constitutionality of California's Proposition 8 while large crowds of proponents and opponents for same-sex marriage congregated the outside of the court house, hoping for a chance to listen in on the proceedings.

9. Scientists develop fiber-optic cables made primarily of air that can transfer data at nearly the speed of light.

10. Egyptian Court postponed ruling on the legality of the current president's Muslim Brotherhood political party.

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