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Wednesday News Wrap - 3/20/13

After a bank bailout rejection by the Cyprus government on Tuesday, EU lawmakers looked toward banning excessive bonuses for bankers, making it the first regulatory cap of its kind to be considered by any government entity in the world. South Korea officials announced that a recent cyber-attack that took down bank and broadcasting systems originated from a Chinese-based IP address, further raising tensions in the region as it continues to hang on the edge of war.

Two rockets struck a southern Israeli town as Barack Obama arrived in Israel (the first visit of his presidency). The president met with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in preparation for his visit to the West Bank where he will also meet with the elected President of the Palestinian National Authority Mahamoud Abbas to further discuss the future of the two-state solution. While in Israel, Obama voiced his concern over the on-going civil war in Syria and noted that if there was definitive proof of the Syrian government using chemical weapons, it would be a "game changer" for America's involvement in the conflict.

Back in the United States, the Senate worked to pass a short-term funding measure that would freeze federal workers pay-rates and lock in sequestration budget cuts and House Republicans worked to kill off various alternative budgets in preparation of a favorable vote for Representative Paul Ryan's recently renewed 10-year budget plan. Meanwhile, Senator Dianne Feinstein all but conceded defeat toward her recent push against the sale of assault weapons, citing a lack of support for including the measure in recent gun control legislation.

Google announced a major milestone for their Youtube service, stating that it had finally passed one billion unique visitors a month. In an additional announcement today, Google also formally released their note-taking service Google Keep. The online cloud-based note recording feature offers a Google "alternative" to the popular note and data storage website Evernote. Apple made the news with fresh rumors about the pending iPhone 5s and a potential release date of late-May, Pinterest buys out mobile site Livestar, and the ACLU sued San Francisco over warrant-less cell phone searches.

Other news bits:
NASA's Voyager I spacecraft may or may not have left the known solar system
A new Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer is released
Sheriff proposes ankle bracelets for senior citizens
Surpreme Court backs student in case about textbook copyrights against resale

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