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What happened Friday - 3/22/13

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This week has been a big week in world news. Obama wrapped up his visit to Israel by coordinating a last-minute show of global diplomacy between the Jewish state and its neighbor Turkey. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Turkey's prime minister to apologize for the 2010 Israeli-forces raid on a Turkish ship that left 9 activists dead and the two countries at silent odds with one another. The apology comes at a time when Israel is most in need of allies with the Lebanese prime minister unexpectedly resigning and Syria's civil war continuing to escalate out to the edge of its borders. Syrian president Assad vowed to eliminate the rebels accused of killing a high-level Sunni Muslim cleric. Meanwhile, Russia continued to distance itself from the financial crisis in European Union after refusing to invest in the struggling Mediterranean country of Cyrus.

United States FCC Chairman Julius Genachowsk announced his resignation today; three months ahead of his schedule term limit. Genachowsk described his tenure in three words, citing that he had been dedicated to "unleashing broadband's benefits." In a large-scale civil suit ruling, networking giant Cisco Systems was instructed to pay $70 million in damages to XperUniverse Inc for fraudulently obtaining the patent licenser's intellectual property and technology. Apple Inc's stock closed above their 50-day moving average for the first time in nearly five months as rumors spread about competing tech company Google and electronics manufacturer LG planing to each build their own smart watches.

Google's Chairman Eric Schmidt visited the country of Burma to present on the importance of Internet freedom and promote their latest expansion of services into the Burmese area. Barnes and Noble's suffering Nook division announced less than anticipated sales and revealed a type of buy one get another free marketing plan to encourage more sales. While Apple confirmed a password vulnerability for its Apple ID accounts, California State Senator Mark Leno introduced Senate Bill 467 which would raise legal restrictions against state government monitoring an individual's email conversations.

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