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Wrap Up for 3/13/13

I apologize for the break in daily news reporting. Several large projects have prevented me from writing every day. If you've been unable to use my news aggregation website or just enjoy relying on my reporting, I will work hard to write again as often as possible.

For now, let's see what happened today in a simple Top 10 list:

1. Catholic church elects new pope (the first South American pope ever!)

2. Twitter announces that it is planning to get into the music streaming business

3.  Android's founding boss, Andy Rubin, steps down to pursue a new secret role within Google

4. Facebook releases their updated and redesigned timeline feature

5. Netflix finally lets users post their viewing habits through a social app tied to Facebook

6. Microsoft faced service outages for their Hotmail and Outlook mail clients, while listing job postings that already hint toward development of Windows 9 OS

7. Google opened and subsequently closed its I/O Developer's conference ticket sales after selling out within less than an hour

8. SXSW wrapped up after a successful week of start-ups and new tech demos

9. Petition against newly revived CISPA legislation reaches 100,000 signature mark, requiring White House to respond

10. France proposed new rules for Internet Equality while Syria sees rebels taking on a new role through hacking on the Internet

In other interesting news:
Science shows punishment can enhance performance
Ancient Chinese coin found in Kenya
Vatican plans to digitally scan 2.8 Petabytes worth of information from their library
Nintendo loses lawsuit against their 3DS glassess-free technology

Happy reading!

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