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Friday News - 4/12/13

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Sites running on the content management system WordPress are at risk of being brute force hacked and made into part of a suspected super botnet. Experts warn that if you run a site using WordPress, update your security settings now.

Verizon Wireless extended their 20 month upgrade policy out to 24 months and then announced it would offer one year payment plans for smartphones and tablets costing more than $349.99.

The Association of American Publishers announced a shift in publishing sales for 2012 with ebook sales making up 22.5% of the industries revenue.

Facebook Home debuted officially for Android phones, where users can now access multiple features of Facebook directly from a custom home screen.

Dish Network is rumored to be in talks with T-mobile on a potential merger in an attempt by the satellite service provider to move into the Wireless market.


Japan experienced a 6.3 magnitude earthquake off its western shoreline. The quake (which caused no damage) occurred on the same day the U.S. agreed to begin discussions with the country on inclusion in a slow developing Asia-Pacific free trade agreement.

China warned North Korea to not "misjudge" the current budding crisis against South Korea and the United States. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who arrived in South Korea on Thursday, warned against any planned missile launch. North Korea responded by threatening Japan with a nuclear attack if Japan tried to use any counter measures to prevent a North Korean missile launch.

Israel fired artillery into neighboring Syria again after Israeli troops reported receiving gunfire across the Syrian/Israeli border. Israeli soldiers also clashed with Palestinians in the West Bank as people threw rocks and protested over the beating of a man by Jewish settlers.


Researchers have found a correlation between the length of time it takes to prepare dinner and the amount of exercise American adults are willing to do.

New species of porcupine found in Brazil.

Other Bits

U.S. army recruits Zombie novelist to train troops on disasters.

Comedian Jonathan Winters died at the age of 87 today.

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