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Monday News - 4/15/13

To read more on the Boston Marathon bombing, check out my article on the

Today was not a good day.

Two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon killing at least 3 and injuring over 144. Authorities have no idea of the motive or individual(s) behind the attack. President Obama spoke out against the attack while users all over the internet spread photos, videos, and more of the unfolding news.

In Iraq, bombs killed more than 30 people across the country as citizens prepared for upcoming elections. Over 15 Sunni minority electoral candidates have been assassinated in the last few weeks as concerns rise over the political stability of the recently occupied country.

North Korea celebrated a country-wide holiday, marking the 101st birthday of the deceased dictator of the communist country. The regime also took time to issue a new ultimatum to South Korea in the on-going nuclear stand-off in the Asia-Pacific.

Syria's opposition suffered a major setback as Assad's government forces broke through a six-month blockage in the norther region of the country. The news comes as the U.S. State Department announced plans to host a Google+ Hangout to discuss U.S. foreign policy.

Venezuela elected a new president, much to the protest and calls for a ballot recount from opposition leader Henrique Capriles.

Gold prices plummeted today as speculators sold off holdings over concerns of a possible sell-off of excess gold reserves by Cyprus.

Dish Network offered a $25.5 billion bid to buy Sprint Nextel in an effort to undermine any possible attempts at competitive buyout offers.

Pinterest makes its way to Barnes & Noble's Nook.

Rumors spread about Apple's interest in taking on debt to offer a large dividend payout to investors as Chinese iPhone manufacturer Foxconn starts hiring in preparation for the iPhone 5s.

The U.S. Supreme Court reviewed the issue of companies placing patents on human genome sequences while refusing to hear a case from New York on gun control laws.

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