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Tuesday Newsday - 4/2/13

The United Nations approved a global arms treaty today in an overwhelmingly positive vote for stronger control of the sale and transportation of weapons around the world. The treaty, which was temporarily thwarted by Iran, Syria, and North Korea's objections, will, "help to keep warlords, pirates, terrorists, criminals and their like from acquiring deadly arms."Meanwhile, European Regulators reviewed whether Google's consolidated privacy policy breaks any national laws. As the result of the examination by France, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy, all European Union countries are now free to conduct further investigations against the Silicon Valley tech company.

In areas of Tibet, Chinese state media announced the recovery of 59 bodies at the site of a massive landslide that struck a mining camp run by China Gold International Resources Corp Ltd. After a few weeks of publicly bashing Apple Inc. for poor customer service, the Chinese state media received a personal apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook. The apology comes at a time when rumors have begun spreading within Korean manufacturer Samsung that Apple has moved future orders for their next generation iPhone's A7 chip to the Taiwan Semiconductor Company. On the services side of the mobile business, AT&T and Verizon announced a proposed deal to jointly acquire the multinational telecommunications company Vodafone.

Iran's government announced a further climb of their now double-digit inflation rates as international sanctions linked to Iran's controversial nuclear program continued to impact the Middle Eastern country for the sixth month in a row. Syria's civil war spilled over into Israel, prompting the Israeli military to respond with tank fire across the Syrian border. Palestinians protested in the streets and in Israeli prisons over the cancer death of a Palestinian inmate.

The National Rifle Association proposed new safety measures for schools in counter to the on-going congressional legislation for tighter gun control. The 225-page report called for armed police officers, security guards, and staff members to be housed at every school in America. New York State Senator Malcom Smith (D) was arrested Tuesday in a surprising bust against several New York politicians accused of trying to sell a GOP spot in the up-coming mayoral race. Tesla Motors announced a refined sales plan for their Model S electric sedan that calls on a fairly creative pricing structure to allow for a $500 monthly lease over 5 years.

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