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Wednesday News Wrap - 4/10/13

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) has passed a private committee vote and will move onward to the House floor. The cybersecurity bill that had previously been killed in Congress in 2012, has resurfaced with only minor changes and has begun being pushed quietly through the U.S. political system. Meanwhile, the unregulated digital currency Bitcoin suffered a massive 40% drop in value as rumors spread of a coordinated manipulation of online Bitcoin trading sites through DDOS attacks.

Online payment processor Ribbon announced a new direct pay-through-Twitter feature only to have it removed and shut down by Twitter several hours later. The released an exclusive about Microsoft's next generation Xbox design to control consumer's televisions through their cable boxes. Screenshots of  Google's up-coming united chat service "Babel" surfaced as further details emerged about the Internet company's plans to manage the .app, .blog, .cloud, and .search level domains. Mozilla announced executive changes within their organization,Facebook revealed new changes to their Timeline feature to include linking and emotional tagging for U.S. users, and Microsoft revealed
 plans to delay the release of their Office software until 2014.

Obama officially released his budget proposal, which included "manageable cuts" to entitlement programs and defense spending on drone aircraft missions. The United States Postal Service announced the reversal of plans to remove Saturday delivery service, citing forced government interference which required maintenance of the same level of service as previous years.

Further fighting broke out in the Sudanese city of Darfur as the army pushed forward into the southern rebel-controlled area of the country. The European Union was shook with news from the Dutch food safety authority, stating that they had traced meat tainted with horse dung to several different companies located in 15 separate countries. As the world braced for the potential test firing of a North Korean missile, the Japanese city of Yokohama accidentally tweeted that the North Korean government had fired an actual nuclear missile.

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