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End of the Daily Wrap

The Daily Wrap was my experiment to improve my news writing and to demonstrate the abilities of my news aggregation website Unfortunately, like most experiments, it had to end eventually and I have moved onward to other pressing projects, including finding new ways to improve and advance While I am no longer writing it, I am still a very big fan of curated news and would love to see the further development of this segment of online journalism and media.

I am often amazed at the number of people I talk to who don't bother to keep up with the news of the day. And with almost every one, their primary reason is usually that they don't have enough time to do it. With so many different news topics and so many different news sources, it is sometimes hard to make enough time in the day to keep up with everything that has happened, yet alone truly digest the meaning and impact of it all. That is why curated news providers can be extremely helpful in keeping those with busy schedules truly informed.

I hope those who utilized my curated news will find other sources that you can enjoy. Some bits of data I collected through the last couple of months may be found rather interesting though.

- During the periods of February to April, I saw an increase in readership from China and Russia.

- Viewership for news related articles increased at a faster rate an average of three days after the date of posting. Most of those views were from Google searches asking what happened on that date.

- From my available information, it seems that people clicked through on only around 11% of all links posted.

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